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When you or a loved one has been arrested or accused, the stress can be overwhelming. Concerns over your future, your freedom, and your reputation run high, which is why it is vital that you seek out compassionate legal representation from an experienced El Dorado Hills criminal defense attorney. You can trust in the Law Office of David J. Cramer to fight for your rights and answer any questions you may have.

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  • Why should I speak with attorney before I talk to the police?

    The most important thing to remember after an arrest is that you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to have an attorney present to protect yourself against incrimination. Having an El Dorado Hills criminal defense attorney on your side can ensure that due process is served and that you are not taken advantage of by the justice system.

  • What's the difference between a charge and conviction?

    Being charged with a crime is the first step in the criminal process. You may initially be arrested or taken in for police questioning. This does not mean you are guilty, however. A conviction will occur after the arrest, trial, and due process. This is when the judge, jury, or both find you guilty, leading to sentencing. A conviction is not always the end of the case, however, as you may be entitled to post-conviction proceedings, such as an appeal.

  • What rights do I have in the event of an arrest?

    Known as your Miranda Rights, these are given to all U.S. citizens who have been arrested in order to protect you and ensure you are not unfairly taken advantage of. These include the right to remain silent, the knowledge that anything you say can be used against you, and the right to have a lawyer present, or one provided to you if you cannot afford counsel. The arresting officer will then ask if you fully understand these rights and if he or she can proceed with questioning.

  • Why should I hire an El Dorado Hills criminal defense attorney for my legal matters?

    Mr. Cramer will not only work hard to ensure your rights are protected, but he will treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. He offers aggressive case strategies backed by over a decade of professional service as well as the knowledge to represent even the most complex criminal matters. In short, Attorney Cramer will fight for you and your freedom.

  • What approach do you take to criminal defense cases?

    Mr. Cramer knows that quick research is key as well as his knowledge and reputation in the local legal community. He takes the time to thoroughly prepare for any eventuality, including an exhaustive knowledge of all the facts. His bank of motions is second to none and can represent clients in almost any case, no matter how complex.

  • What types of evidence do you need for investigation?

    There are many avenues that the Law Office of David J. Cramer will pursue, including gathering witness statements, a knowledge of similar case law and how it applies to your issue, physical evidence, and more. Having all of this for your case can ensure you are getting the comprehensive case strategy you need to protect your future and your freedom.

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